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A Buyer’s Guide to Granite Countertops

August 26, 2019

More and more people are choosing granite countertops in Brooklyn, NY. Granite countertops are just as popular as another luxury choice—marble countertops in Brooklyn, NY—as they create a beautiful surface that is durable, easy to maintain and adds value to your home. If you’re considering granite for your countertops in your new home or a home improvement project, read on to learn the benefits:

  • Durability: One of the biggest selling points for granite is its durability. As far as luxury stone countertops go, it is one of the best choices in terms of longevity and low maintenance. In fact, it’s even more durable than marble countertops in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Natural: Like marble, granite is a natural choice, making it more coveted and adding value to your home. It is available in a wide range of colors and offers a more uniform pattern than marble. Granite countertops in Brooklyn, NY can also be customized and given edge treatments for a unique look.
  • Popularity: Because of the quality of granite and its durability, it is the most popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops today. The most popular color choices are black pearl and absolute black, following the trend this year of all-black kitchens and bathrooms, providing a luxurious, very high-end look to these spaces.
  • Maintenance: Because of its durability, granite is generally very low-maintenance and lasts a long time. It is acid resistant, moisture resistant and scratch resistant, so it’s even easier to care for than marble countertops. However, granite does absorb oil pretty easily, so you’ll want to make sure and wipe up oil spills quickly or use a sealant to protect the countertop from these types of spills. Also, lighter colors of granite may show stains more quickly than darker colors.
  • Cost-effective: Many people have the idea that granite is very expensive, since it is the most sought-after material for countertops. However, it is cheaper than many alternatives, like marble. Marble countertops are especially high in price, and granite is a great, luxury alternative to marble. The cost of the material ranges from $10 to $170 per square foot, with installations costing between $40 and $100 per square foot. When considering the cost of installation, also consider the thickness of the slab, whether there will be any edge treatments that may raise the costs, if you’ll be including a backsplash of granite as well and what the color of the granite will be. In fact, blue granite is the most expensive type of granite to choose.

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