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Is Porcelain Flooring a Good Idea for Your Kitchen?

October 29, 2019

Porcelain tile is one of the most popular types of flooring material, largely because of the many benefits it offers homeowners. Porcelain tiles for flooring and other uses are manufactured similarly to ceramic tiles in that manufacturers use clay and various natural materials to create the tiles before putting them in a kiln to be fired and shaped. If you’re a homeowner choosing to use porcelain tile as flooring in parts of your home, then you’ll be pleased to know it comes with a host of benefits.

In comparison to other types of popular flooring options, porcelain is the kind of material that offers everything from durability to reliability. Let’s take a look at the advantages of installing porcelain flooring in your Brooklyn, NY kitchen:

  • Durable: When used for flooring, porcelain tile is one of the toughest options available. It’s dense, hard and solid—all the characteristics needed to help your floors hold strong against heavy impacts and foot traffic. These tiles are so durable that they can even be used in certain commercial environments. As long as the porcelain tiles you choose are rated for use as flooring, they are suitable for spaces like living rooms, hallways and even work areas with heavy equipment.
  • Fireproof: As a fireproof and heatproof material, porcelain does not burn under normal conditions. These types of tile can help restrict the transference and movement of flames in the event that a fire does break out.
  • Long lasting: When properly installed and maintained, and subjected to recommended use, your porcelain floors can last for decades—a definite plus for homeowners and commercial kitchen owners. This cuts down on the cost of having to remove and replace floors sooner than expected.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Homeowners choosing to install porcelain tile floors get the opportunity to select different shapes, colors and styles of flooring to ensure their new floor matches the aesthetic appeal of their home. Porcelain tiles have way more customization options than what carpet or hardwood flooring materials can offer, and they’re generally more pleasing to the eye.
  • Resistant to stains and liquids: Porcelain is dense, and therefore more resistant to liquid penetration and staining than other types of more porous ceramic tile. If you install porcelain with an application of a melted glass glaze, what you have is a floor that’s completely impervious to water and impossible to discolor.
  • Low maintenance: The tiles’ natural ability to resist water and stains helps make the material easy to maintain. Simply spot clean spills with a damp cloth and sweep on a regular basis to remove loose debris. Periodic mopping with a gentle cleaning solution makes it easy to disinfect floor surfaces.
  • Easy to repair: Although porcelain is strong and resistant to cracking and breakage, some types of physical impacts can damage tile. Luckily, removing and replacing individual porcelain tiles is not difficult.

If you’re considering porcelain for the kitchen in your Brooklyn, NY home and want more information, contact the team at Euro House Tile & Marble. We would be more than happy to set you up with one of our interior design specialists!

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