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Five Tips for Maintaining Your Natural Stone Flooring

November 16, 2019

The term “natural stone” is used to describe a variety of mineral substances that are sourced from nature, including marble, slate and granite. Natural stone is not a synthetic or manufactured product. Each natural flooring option has slightly different properties, which means that one type of stone rather than another might do better as flooring in certain areas of your home. No matter what stone flooring you choose, keep in mind that regular cleaning is important.

It may put your mind at ease to learn that some of the best ways to maintain the stone floors in your home are also the simplest. Here are some tips for maintaining the natural stone flooring in your Brooklyn, NY home:

  • Watch some heels: Certain types of footwear designs can damage hard flooring, including stone. Shoes with metal soles, pointed high heels, sports shoes with spikes (cleats) and shoes that have worn down to the metal can scratch your floors. Deep marks may require professional repair, but some may cause entire sections to need replacing.
  • Have a “shoes-off” policy: It comes as no surprise when shoes worn outside track in dirt, foliage, sand and small rocks. When these kinds of abrasive outdoor debris get sandwiched between the bottoms of shoes and your stone floor, they can grind and etch marks onto the surface. Even the tiniest damage can add up, dulling and damaging your lovely stone floors. Ban outside shoes from being worn indoors, if possible.
  • Use mats: Placing utility mats at every entry point makes stone floor maintenance in Brooklyn, NY a little bit easier. Use mats whether you have a shoes-off policy in place or not to encourage family members and guests to wipe the bottoms of their shoes before entering. Mats trap debris, reducing the amount of abrasives that make contact with the surface of your floors. Be sure to buy indoor/outdoor mats with a non-stick backing, and clean them frequently.
  • Use furniture leg protectors: You might be familiar with the types of foot pads used for rearranging or moving furniture. However, we recommend you cover all furniture legs with protectors whether the piece moves frequently (like chairs) or remains stationary (like a china cabinet). Without these protectors, furniture can etch your floors over time. Felt pads are effective but need to be cleaned or replaced to get rid of dirt buildup. If you decide to use rubber or plastic protectors, make sure they won’t leach oils or dyes into your stone floors.
  • Keep the floors clean: Most natural stone floors have unique designs and colors, which can obscure the fact that they are dirty. To be sure your floors stay clean, vacuum regularly, sweep often and mop with warm water. Avoid putting acidic chemicals on stone, such as lemon juice, vinegar and abrasive floor cleaners.

Now that you know the best ways to maintain stone floors in Brooklyn, NY, visit Euro House Tile & Marble. Come by to check out our selection of unique marble and granite floor tiles, or feel free to call us with questions!

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