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Is It Okay to Use Ceramic Tiles for Flooring in Brooklyn, NY?

November 30, 2019

When the time comes to tear out the old flooring in your bathroom or kitchen, really consider the type of material you want to install. Nothing says you have to use the same type of flooring that was always there, but water-resistant options are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Tile is a popular product for home improvements that looks good and is readily available to consumers. But is it okay to use ceramic tiles for flooring in Brooklyn, NY? Let’s see what the professionals have to say.

The difference between ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles

Even though ceramic tiles are not made specifically for walls or floors, you should steer clear of using certain ceramic tiles as flooring. All the ceramic tile options at the store probably look the same to you, but if you’re looking for floor tile, make sure the ones you choose have the words “strength” and “durability” in their description. In other words, any tile can be used as wall tile, while only specific classifications of tile can be used for floors.

The main difference between wall and floor tile is that the tiles that can be used as flooring are stronger than tiles meant for walls. Wall tiles are usually more fragile, lightweight, delicate and softer, and don’t last as long as floor tiles. So, you can use floor tiles for walls, but it’s usually not okay to use wall tiles on the floor.

Telling wall and floor tiles apart

You know that ceramic wall and floor tiles look similar. Unless you’re an experienced designer, it’s going to be hard to tell the difference between the two. For this reason, tile shoppers can use the classification system developed by the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) to separate Class 1 (walls only) through Class 5 (heavy foot traffic) tiles. The tile’s class should be listed on the box or on an information sheet that comes with the product. You can also contact the manufacturer and ask:

  • Class 1, the lowest grade, is suitable only for wall projects.
  • Class 2 is for walls or light-traffic residential floors, such as bathroom floors.
  • Class 3 tiles are more for heavy residential foot traffic or light commercial floor use.
  • Class 4 tiles are great for commercial areas that see a lot of regular heavy foot traffic, like malls and grocery stores.
  • Class 5 tile is for industrial use and is made to handle heavy foot traffic. It also holds strong when exposed to chemicals.

Appearance and safety

Some homeowners are curious about using heavy industrial tiles as floors. Although these are super strong, they are rarely used in homes because they tend to look more commercialized than decorative. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wrong tiles can compromise your safety. For instance, you have to be careful if you decide to use wall tiles on the floor. Wall tiles are usually smooth and slippery, which is not at all ideal in bathrooms where water and moisture will be a frequent presence.

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