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The History of Mosaic Tiles

February 26, 2020

The history of mosaic tiles in Brooklyn, NY is an interesting notion to explore because it encapsulates many themes, touching on many ideas. In fact, mosaic tiles are one of humanity’s oldest art forms, with examples stretching back to the Cradle of Civilization in Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago.

Now, what exactly are mosaic tiles in Brooklyn, NY? Humans have always been fascinated with this intricate technique that involves arranging small bits of colored glass, stone and other materials into detailed patterns. The history of mosaic tiles is a fascinating look into the history of human creativity itself.

The beginnings of mosaic tiles

The history of mosaic tiles in Brooklyn, NY has come a long way from the earliest examples, but the same principles are still in place. The ancient Greeks used pebbles to create decorations, for example, so techniques and materials have changed over the centuries. Another old technique involved small cones made out of terracotta (unglazed brown/red earthenware) where the points of the cones were pushed into a soft material, eventually forming designs.

The ability to work with diverse pieces like this allowed for ancient peoples to create designs that were limited only by their imagination, a tradition our team at Euro House Tile & Marble is proud to carry on to this day.

Designs of ancient mosaics

Mosaic tiles have had different designs over the centuries depending on the culture that was using them. The history of mosaic tiles in Brooklyn, NY today shows that they also have the ability to be as colorful and detailed as customers want them to be, but using slightly different materials. Designs in older cultures could be any number of things. The preserved Roman towns in Herculaneum and Pompeii feature remarkable scenes of domestic bliss, the gods of those civilizations and entrancing geometric designs. The years of the Roman Empire really were a time when mosaic tile designs flourished. All types of designs added beauty and value to the homes of people who lived thousands of years ago.

Colors change with technology

Mosaic tiles were revolutionized by the development of a material called tesserae. This manufactured tile allowed for far more subtlety in the colors and designs of the tiles that made up mosaics. The diversity of the tiles today demonstrates that they can also show all types of art, but tesserae allowed artists from a bygone era to create even greater designs. More detail was possible thanks to these color changes, and mosaic tiles started to be used to create true works of art. Remarkably intricate portrayals of action scenes and religious figures survive to this day.

The history of mosaic tiles is the history of man’s creativity and our ability to use new materials to reflect in art the things that we hold dear. It is a warm and welcoming medium that shows a homeowner values craftsmanship, beauty and the heritage that comes along with one of our oldest artforms. If you have an idea for a mosaic tile design, the team at Euro House Tile & Marble can easily help you navigate the potential benefits, challenges and opportunities that can go along with that decision. Contact our Brooklyn, NY store today to learn more!

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