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What Material Is Recommended for Use on Kitchen Walls?

March 31, 2020

Of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen is unique. It serves a purpose that no other place in your house serves, of course, but your kitchen is so much more than that. For most busy families, the kitchen is the room where you see each other most. It’s the room where people gather before they head out in the morning, and it’s the first place most people return to at the end of a long day.

Your kitchen is so much more important than the meals you cook in it. It is the centerpiece of your home, and it deserves to be treated accordingly. That begins by designing a kitchen that’s warm, inviting and worthy of the time you’re going to spend there.

If you’re curious as to what material to use on kitchen walls in Brooklyn, NY, then here are some suggestions on what to use and what to avoid.

Stone or marble

One less commonly used material in a kitchen is stone or marble. While most homeowners with the budget (and the taste) gravitate toward marble or stone countertops, the same material can be used to significant effect as an accent on certain parts of your kitchen walls. For example, stone or marble can be used as a funky option for a backsplash.


When exploring what material to use on kitchen walls in Brooklyn, NY, most homeowners land on tile. There are numerous reasons why. Tile is inexpensive, which means you can cover a whole lot of kitchen wall for a modest sum. Tile is also easy to clean and very durable, which makes it ideal for homeowners looking for a long-term solution. Finally, tile comes in a massive selection of sizes and colors that can be mixed, matched and paired to create everything from stunning mosaics to expressions of abstract art.

Vinyl or PVC cladding

If you’re wondering what cladding to use on kitchen walls in Brooklyn, NY, PVC and vinyl options are available, and they’re inexpensive. Unfortunately, however, the price is just about the only thing to recommend about this substance. It needs to be installed in complete panels, so customization is out of the question. What’s more, when it’s scratched or exposed to extreme temperatures, PVC and vinyl can crack or break, meaning that it needs to be replaced entirely.

Plywood cladding

When it’s first installed, you might think plywood cladding would be a nice, offbeat approach to your kitchen walls. That said, unless you’re prepared to constantly monitor their condition, plywood can prove to be weak compared to the alternatives. Water can cause it to distend. Scratches are common. Chipping at the edges is also routine.

Find your kitchen wall solution

When it comes to what material to use on kitchen walls in Brooklyn, NY, come to Euro House Tile & Marble, where one of our talented team members can introduce you to a whole new world of design. We offer a huge selection of tile and marble to choose from. We provide a vast array of other items as well, like faucets, fixtures and shower doors.

When it has to look perfect, you can count on Euro House Tile & Marble. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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