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How to Repair Stacked Stone

May 6, 2020

Stone walls have been used for as long as humans have been building, for everything from boundary markers to walls of homes to protective barriers. Stacked stone is still quite popular to use for retaining walls, garden walls and various ornamental purposes in landscaping, and when built properly, it should be able to last a lifetime or more.

However, if some of the stones in the wall start to fall, it’s important for you to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent a failure of larger sections of the wall, or of the wall in its entirety. Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about repairing stacked stone in Brooklyn, NY.

One or two stones at a time

If you have just one or two random stones that have fallen off the wall, this isn’t a big cause for concern. If you have stacked veneers, usually this is because there was a piece or two that had too much dirt when installed, which resulted in the mortar not bonding. There’s also the possibility the stone sheered away after the wall settled. All you need to do is clean off the stone, apply some mortar to the back and reinstall it. The same is true for fallen stones with standing walls. Normally one or two stones falling off isn’t going to be a sign of larger structural issues you need to be concerned about.

Loose sections of walls

Rocks in the wall will settle at different speeds over the years, which may result in some sections of the wall starting to become loose and causing pieces to fall out. Depending on the extent of the problem, a few pieces falling out could result in more pieces coming loose and falling as well. In such a scenario, you need to determine where the looseness began, use a rubber mallet to tamp them in tight and replace the stones that fell out. You may need to add some additional stones to account for the looseness due to settling.

Buckling or caving in the wall

If the wall is buckling outward and there is dirt or a structure behind the wall, that probably means there is some sort of structural issue pushing the wall out. This is common with retaining walls or foundation coverings. You’ll need to get in touch with a structural engineer in such a situation, because the problem is not with the stone wall itself, but with what it’s covering up.


Stacked stone walls will usually be built directly on the ground so long as they remain three feet in height or lower. If they’re larger than that, they will need a concrete footer underneath made of several inches each of concrete, packed sand and packed gravel. Settlement over time can result in sections of the wall sagging more rapidly than other portions. You may need to remove the loose section to add a concrete pad for greater support before restacking the wall.

For more information about how to repair stacked stone walls in Brooklyn, NY, contact the team at Euro House Tile & Marble today.

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